Social Media Management


As you know, having social media presence is extremely important in this day and age, no matter if you’re a celebrity or a plumber having an active social media account to some people is the link between a trustworthy company or one you should be a bit wary of.

We recommend all of our clients as well as other clients to make sure that they at least have the bare minimum of a Facebook account and a twitter account. According to statistics over 40% of the population in the United States, which is about 128 million spend time on Facebook.

From interacting with our clients. We come to find out that most of them did not have social media accounts due to the fact that they did not know what social media marketing entails and why it’s so crucial in this day in age.

As a matter of fact, a lot of our clients tell us that they feel like they should be doing social media marketing but they also feel a bit wary because they have no clue as to how they should be interacting with their customers and they have no idea where they should begin.

One of the common responses that we get from our clients is “no one ever visits our Facebook page” or “we only use our Facebook page to announce an upcoming sale”. One of the biggest mistakes that we hear from our clients is that “we have a website so we don’t really need social media”.

Again, that’s really a huge mistake to have this type of mindset because you’re literally leaving money on the table, so to speak.

Here’s a personal reason I tell our clients as to why they should have a social account. I read a very popular psychology book written by Robert Sal Dini. Within this book, he describes something which is called “social proof” and basically that is a psychological phenomenon where people perform a certain action based off of the actions of others.

In the book he uses an example where bartenders do something called “salting the tip jar”. Basically what they do is put the tip jar out and then they’ll either have tips from the previous night still in the tip jar or they’ll put their own money in the tip jar. This has proven to increase the amount of tips exponentially because people automatically assume everyone is tipping the bartender on their way in or on their way out. According to this psychological phenomenon (which has been proven many times), people like to follow the actions of other people especially when they are uncertain.

The same rules apply to your business. Let’s say you have a social media account like a Facebook account. You could actually ask your customers to like your Facebook page, or we can get the likes for your Facebook page if you don’t have enough customers to at least get 100 Facebook likes.

Then we will rank your Facebook page for you, once your Facebook page starts to receive a number of likes, Google actually show five or four stars next to your Facebook page along with the number of ikes your page received.

As with the example of the bartender, people would more likely give your business a chance based off the fact that other people “liked” your business.

This concept has been proven many times and that’s why it’s so important that you take advantage of this because so many other businesses, especially the Fortune 500 companies know this and that’s why they have a dedicated department just to manage their social media accounts, or they outsource it to companies like ours.

Here’s a few questions that we always ask our customers which sometimes caused them to feel a bit of discomfort because they know that one of these questions strikes close to home:

  • Are people aware of your brand through social media?
  • When receiving both positive or negative feedback. How likely are you to respond?
  • Are your competitors using social media?
  • When it comes to the online community, how do you plan on growing?
  • Do you know how to create a YouTube channel and rank it for your company’s brand?
  • Is a company currently using any social platforms, and if so how many?
  • Have you track how many of your customer’s found you through social media?
  • Is the content on your social media account engaging?
  • Do you update your social media accounts often and provide news about your company?
  • Do you offer any value to your customers through your social media outlets?
  • How far is your reach when it comes to communicating your customers through social media?

Most of our clients initially did not have an answer to these questions, or they simply did not understand. When you contact us for a consolation regarding your social media marketing, we’ll help you understand answers to these questions. With that being said, you don’t really have to worry about this because we’ll take care of this for you.

We’ll come up with a constructive plan based off of your individual needs for your company that will help provide a clear-cut and confident message to your customers. Meanwhile, improving their experience with your brand.

Basically, we’ll help paint that picture so that customers will see your brand as an authority. So even if they ever need future services from you or the decide to recommend the service to someone else, you’ll be the first company that comes to mind.

We’ll put you at ease because we’ll do all the managing work for you, and you can focus on your company. That’s the benefit of partnering with us, we know all the techniques and strategies that are effective so that you don’t need to know these things and we can simply implement them for you.

To get started, simply give us a call and will lay out a plan specifically for your business.