Reputation Management

All it takes is a negative review from a disgruntled customer or a mischievous competitor in order to taint the perfect image of your company. Our reputation management services will restore your company's image back to its previous glory!

Basically in a nutshell, we find negative reviews about your business and we either get them deleted or in most cases pushed so far back in Google that it would be extremely hard to find. For example, we work with the roofing company who had given a potential client A consultation. So the roofing company and the client pretty much got an appointment set up so they can get started. Upon further inspection, the roofing company found out that because the roof was in such bad shape that it was out of their scope to even work on it. So they refunded the money to the customer and informed them that they cannot take on this project.

Despite taking all the proper steps, the customer still went out and wrote one of the most negative reviews that I’ve read personally some of which were pure lies. It was clear that the customer had some vindictiveness in their heart. Even though the roofing company did nothing wrong and followed the proper procedures that they were supposed to.

Worst of all, because the client left the negative review on Yahoo Business Directory and because Yahoo has huge domain authority, every time you type in the roofing company’s name in Google the Yahoo review pops up on the first page. As you could imagine, this little review was enough to cost the roofing company thousands of dollars of potential clients that would’ve worked with them if they hadn’t read that one review.

This is something that so many businesses face and to be honest, some businesses don’t even know whether or not when you type in their name or certain key phrases in Google, if negative reviews pops up.

Here in Boca Raton there are hundreds if not thousands of businesses that get hundreds of customers per day. As you can imagine it’s not really simple to keep everyone happy. And in this day and age people are quick to ruin your reputation if they feel some sort of injustice was done to them. Unfortunately, a lot of customers seem to be one track minded and do not care how much havoc they cause by leaving one negative review.

They don’t think that one single negative review can actually ruin your business/reputation but if you multiply that by five people or even 10 people a year leaving negative reviews about your company and then when someone goes online to search about your business before purchasing your product or service, and these reviews pops up that people have left about your business even if it was a year ago is still enough to dissuade a potential client from using your service or purchasing your product.

So you have to ask yourself when was the last time you checked what was being said about you or your company? All it takes is a YouTube video of someone going on a rant about how dissatisfied they are with your company to really put the nail in the coffin.

All you have to do is type in your company’s name, with the word scam or review, etc to see what pops up about your company. So if your company’s name is Billy Bob’s Wine Company, you would simply type: “Billy Bob’s Wine Company Scam” or “Billy Bob’s Wine Company Review”.

You’re probably going to end up seeing a few negative review. If you don’t then that’s a very good thing. But if you do then you need to get that taken care of immediately because as you would guess most people do their due diligence before purchasing any product or service.

Now it’s obvious that there are going to be a few people that are not happy with your service and a negative review every now and then is not enough to harm your business. But when those reviews appear when someone does a search for your business name and on the first page of Google is a review talking about how dissatisfied they are which are business or service that could really put a grinding halt or slow down your overall business.

We no longer live in a society where people keep their negative comments in their heads. Mobile devices make up more than 60% of all Internet traffic according to Google. This means a customer can instantly put a negative review online about your company and if the customer happens to put it on the right site for example, Yelp they might reconsider doing business which you.

If you’re on social media. I’m pretty sure you’ve read a Facebook or someone on twitter going on a rant talking about how the food was terrible at this restaurant or how the representative did not smile, etc.

The sooner you realize the negative things people are potentially saying about your business the faster you can do damage control.

Another thing is (and this would be one of the most important things) is that have you ever noticed when you run into a negative review you rarely see management respond to these reviews?

You see it’s not necessarily about the bad review, because those are inevitable. The problem occurs when business owners or management completely ignore these reviews. Ignoring the reviews is one of the worst things you could possibly do. As you know, there’s two sides to every story. But if your potential customers only reads one side (which is the negative review) and does not see a follow-up from the company/management. This automatically makes the company look bad.

Even if you currently don’t even have a website. It doesn’t matter brick-and-mortar stores face the same exact problems, especially resturants. It’s imperative that you at least try to respond to these negative reviews because if you get enough of them that could be the end for your business. or at the very minimum, slow it down. We’re not being overly dramatic when saying that, we’ve seen companies go straight downhill and never return because they let things get way out of control.

This is why when major companies, political figures, or even celebs have their PR company do damage control so that the image of the person or company is not tarnished.

Now we know most business owners don’t have the time or resources to do this and that’s where we come in.

What we do is make sure that those reviews are nearly impossible to find or if those reviews are on the first page, then will push them down to the second or third page because according to Google most people don’t go past the first page.

We also go out and search for every single review that people wrote about your business, whether it be positive or negative, and we respond to them for you. Basically we do all the heavy lifting and you can rest assured that no matter what’s being said about your business. We’ll make sure that it’s painted in the most positive light possible.

What’s better then damage control is avoidance, as soon as a negative review gets posted we’ll do our utmost best to make sure that

  1. It’s hard to find
  2. If someone happens to find it, they’ll see that you’ve replied addressing their concerns (will do that on your behalf).

Another thing that we do is we continually make new positive reviews about your company. What this will do is push the negative reviews down which makes it even harder to find because when you get a steady stream of positive reviews that one negative review would be expected. For example, if you got 100 new positive reviews. It’s only natural to expect to see a negative review or two.

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube video and looked at the like/dislike bar you’ll always see that threes at least one person that dislikes the video. And people don’t seem to mind as long as the majority of people seem to like the video, it’s all about balance.

This same concept applies to reputation management, when people are searching for more information about your business. They want to see an overwhelming presence of positive reviews.

We will also have a social media management services, which constantly puts out engaging content about your company and your industry, which gets people interacting with your social profile such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. When a potential customer comes across your Facebook and notices that people are engaging on your Facebook (or other social media) profiles, that’s a very positive indicator to them.

Our answer to that question is with another question, can you use more business? If your answer is no and you don’t have any negative reviews, then this service is probably not for you. Now even if you don’t have any negative reviews, you can still use reputation management and definitely get more clients will to convert, especially skeptical clients. We’ve all heard this line before “Do you have any reviews?”

When it comes to someone spending their money people will always be on the fence, but as long as you have a positive reputation online people will feel more confident and take that leap of faith with your product or service. This is extremely important when you’re trying to sell a high priced item or services as well.

Call us today and learn how we can help not only manage reputation but improve your overall reputation.