Our Team

Without our team, Just Octane would be nothing! Let's introduce the brains behind the operation:

Stacey Martin


When it comes to marketing very few people have the skillset that Stacey has. She has ranked over 175 websites in the top 3 spots in google prior to joining our team.


Mark Walters


With over 11 years under his belt, Mark can rank just about anything in google no matter what the competition level is. Having him on the team is a true privilege.


Joseph McClain

Digital Strategist

When it comes to creating a digital marketing strategy, Joseph is your go-to guy. Joseph has managed digital campaigns for some of our fortune 500 clients.


Alysson Bednar

Marketing Manager

Ever wondered who created your effective marketing campaign? It was most likely Samantha who has over 9 years in the digital marketing space.


Harry Lytle


When it comes to Coding & Development work Harry is a true wizard. He's fluent in over 15 programming languages and he hates buggy code just as much as you do!


William Vanallen

Web Designer

William is our lead web designer with over 6 years under his belt His captivating designs yield great results when it comes to converting web visitors into customers.