Monthly vs One Time Payment

Monthly vs One Time Payment

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One question we get asked a lot is why do some Boca Raton SEO companies charge a one-time fee while others charge a monthly fee. It primarily comes down to the quality of service that you will get at the end of the day. You cannot realistically expect to receive top-notch service by simply paying a one-time fee. Plus, when you understand the nature of SEO you know that it’s not feasible to actually charge a one-time fee because this is a strong sign that whatever the SEO services is promising is not going to come to fruition, and if it does it won’t remain. What I mean by this is just because your website is ranking today doesn’t mean that is going to be raining tomorrow and this is one thing, a lot of potential customers forget when dealing with SEO companies that only charge a one-time fee.

Here is one example, let’s say you’re a dentist and you come to us looking to get your website shown on the first page for local keywords that would be profitable for your business. One of the steps we take to accomplish this is to seek out other websites which are in the dental industry which would be willing to link back to your website. This usually comes with associated fee that we must pay the website of interest and usually this fee is a monthly fee which we cover at Now the reason why we like to use this approach is because these are the type of links that Google loves. As you would expect you can’t get these links for free unless you have extraordinary content and or update your website frequently which most local businesses don’t do.

Now, what one-time fee SEO companies usually do is find some crappy links that they are either made themselves or purchased from a shady website and then proceed to link to your website which can achieve the same effect as our method with one caveat, and that’s the possibility of losing your website entirely. Once Google discovers what’s being done to your website. Over the years Google has really up the notch as far as what’s acceptable and what’s not. And this is why we take extreme precautions when dealing with your websites because there might not be a second chance if we screw up. Onetime payment SEO don’t even consider this aspect due to the fact that their only getting paid one time so further on down the line when something does happen they will be long gone because they’ve already been paid. Whereas an SEO companies which charges a monthly fee will be more inclined to make sure that they follow due diligence when working on your website to keep you as a longtime client.

So even though you might be thinking that your saving money in the long run you actually putting your entire business in jeopardy by using search engine optimization companies that only charge a one-time fee as opposed to others which charge a monthly fee. Do yourself a favor and don’t cut corners because you have a lot on the line if you do.