Is Using SEO Services Better Than TV & Radio?

Is Using SEO Services Better Than TV & Radio?


When it comes to marketing there are many different forms you can choose from, you can choose TV, newspapers, radio, billboards, etc… But none of these comes as close to Internet marketing specifically Search Engine Optimization. All of the mentioned marketing tactics do work to a certain extent, but they have been outdone by the power of search engine optimization and the ability to get targeted visitors to your website. Once upon a time, the above-mentioned outlets were the only outlets you could use to get to the consumer. But now if you’re a company in the Boca Raton area all you need to do is contact a search engine optimization company to get a quote on what it would take to get to on the first page of Google. Most people who’ve experienced the power search engine optimization really use no other form of marketing because the results in the conversion simply don’t compare. With search engine optimization you get a plethora of new visitors to your website every day on autopilot.

Pay per click is another form of online marketing some companies use but later on shy away from due to the fact that for half the price you can get a search engine optimization campaign performed (which usually yields better results). When it comes to TV and radio, even newspaper ads you need to have a catchy jingle or catchy commercial to attract the attention of your audience. This has been proven to be costly and the yield to be very low, you probably capture more people’s attention through YouTube advertisements then you would with television since most people don’t even watch television anymore. The Internet has really taken a stronghold over people’s attention and you would be extremely delusional if you focused on these old platforms such as TV and radio as your main way to attract people’s attention. A good business owner needs some level of understanding when it comes to marketing. If it’s one thing that every business owner should know is to go where the people are and since 70% of all Internet traffic comes from mobile devices, this should give you a hint.

Another reason why business owners are starting to focus more on online marketing instead of off-line marketing is the fact that for the price that you would pay for doing an off-line campaign you would get 10 times the result with an online campaign. As far as we can tell SEO should be growing for the foreseeable future, and if you haven’t tried using an SEO service we highly recommend that you do. You could contact us today to get a free quote and will provide you with the perfect plan to get your website on the first page of Google.