How Much Should You Be Paying For SEO?

How Much Should You Be Paying For SEO?

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There are a lot of Boca Raton SEO companies all of which charge different prices for their SEO service which makes it really hard to figure out how much money you should be spending on SEO. Some companies charge way too much and other charge way too little (yes, there is such a thing). At the end, what end’s up happening is you as the customer ends up being unsatisfied due to the fact that you did not get the results that you wanted.

SEO Companies in Boca Raton tend to overcharge due to the fact that they know the customer would not know any better and this is a practice we do not condone so this is the main reason we are writing this article to inform the user as to how to make better decision when choosing a Boca Raton SEO company.

So How Much?

Now as far as price is concerned you should be paying around a minimum of $500-$1000 depending on how completive your niche is. So for example if you’re a doctor or a roofer the average price quotes you’re going to get for SEO in Boca Raton is about $1000. The reason why almost all seo charge this as a minimum is simply because that about the bare minimum we can afford to offer such a service to you. Getting links for your website, paying American employees (which we will explain later), tracking software and other tools, etc… We have to pay a monthly cost just to even work on your site, and again the more completive your niche is, the more money is going to be required to so the job successfully.

Now you’re going to have SEO’s coming to you saying that they can do it for much cheaper, etc… The problem is, just like with anything in life, if something is way below market value, then you can defiantly expect something to be wrong with it. This holds true when it comes to SEO, if the company your considering to work with is charging you less than $500 you can be certain their going to end up using some sort of blackhat technique to try and get you ranked. If you are not sure what blackhat seo is please read our article we wrote about the subject. In a nutshell, blackhat seo are risky techniques that google has been actively targeting and penalizing people’s websites who participate in such acts. Once your site gets a penalty from google it can be very difficult to remove it.

Just Be Careful

Also as we mentioned earlier, if the SEO company is charging less than $500 a month, that means that they are most likely outsourcing the SEO work to India or some other third world country. Now the reason why this is a bad this is the fact that there is no quality control and a lot of times they end up making a costly mistake and once that mistake is done, it might not be possible to undo it. This is why we only hire employees from north America due to the fact that the quality of work done cannot be compared to what you’d see if you hired some freelancer from India.

Because companies like ours only hire the best to work on your website, it comes at a premium due to the fact that the results are almost guaranteed because we don’t make the same amateur mistakes that other SEO companies make by simply outsourcing the work instead of doing it in-house.